• Vishal K Mehta

    Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute

    Vishal Mehta is a hydrologist and environmental scientist with experience in water resources, forest conservation and rural development. He is currently working on the impacts of climate and land-use change on water supply, urban metabolism, and innovative informational technology tools for communicating complex information.  Vishal’s main interests are in science-based environment and development policy planning in […]

  • Guozhong Wang

    Web developer, Stockholm Environment Institute

    Guozhong (Douglas) Wang develops SEI’s web-based projects including Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication system (PMEC), Since 2011, he has been working on developing web-based GIS tools, including Bangalore Urban Metabolism Project (BUMP) and Targeting Outscaling tool for a CPWF project. He also developed a prototype of java-based desktop program – UK/Multi-regional input-output integrated hybrid LCA carbon […]

  • Eric Kemp-Benedict

    Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute

    Eric Kemp-Benedict‘s research focuses on cross-disciplinary policy analysis for sustainable development strategies. He has contributed to studies on diverse topics of relevance to sustainability at national, regional, and global levels. In addition to developing methods and tools for sustainability analysis, he is interested is in making the analytical tools of policy analysis accessible within collaborative, […]

  • Deepak Malghan

    Assistant Professor, Centre for Public Policy, Indian Instituteof Management-Bangalore

    Deepak Malghan is an ecological economist with primary interest in the economy-ecosystem interaction problem. He is currently working on a multi-year project that aims to reformulate ecological economics from a “scale” perspective. Scale measures the physical size of the economy relative to the ecosystem that contains and sustains it. His empirical research interests include social […]