Month: October 2017

Urban Groundwater in India: The Role of Information in Effective Governance

This discussion brief summarizes the role of groundwater information and institutional considerations for effective governance. Examples of effective governance, informed by data and science, are provided from Bangkok, Thailand, and California, USA.

Citation: Vishal K. Mehta, Daniel Simcha Spivak, Vivek V., M. Sekhar, Deepak Malghan (2017). Urban Groundwater in India: The Role of Information in Effective GovernanceStockholm Environment Institute, Davis, California.

information and groundwater governance

Groundwater table maps

These maps are interpolated groundwater depths, in metres below ground surface. Between December 2015 and now (September 2017) monthly measurements of depth to the static water table were made at approximately 150 locations across Bangalore. These measurements were largely made at abandoned/unused borewells.

Below, individual interpolated groundwater maps of the static water table can be viewed/downloaded. An animation is also provided. The locations of each well that was monitored are indicated by the circles.

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